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  • Each dog will be housebroken, leash trained, crate trained, microchipped, Spayed, or Nurtured.

  • Each dog will come with vet papers stating a clean bill of health (all will have been tested for heartworms) 

  • Each dog will come with a list of commands that they have mastered and their tags 

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Save & Train Success Stories 

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Found at a local shelter, Dudely was struggling to get adopted due to behavioral issues. Dudely graduated from S.O.O Save & Train program and was adopted 07/14/2021  by a wonderful young lady that takes him on adventures such as hiking and boat rides. We often recive update picture of Dudely lounging on the couch at his forever home!



Escanor was fond as a stray, malnurished, dirty, covered in fleas, and suffering from a mild skin condition on his lower back. I'll never forget how well Escanor slept after a good meal and two baths. Escanor graduated from the S.O.O. and was adopted 11/23/2021 by a wonderful couple who take him for truck rides, events & resterants in downtown Mooresville NC and provide him with all the cuddles and naps he could want!



Loki was found at a local shelter struggleing to get adopted due to behavioral issues. Loki was high energy and suffered from sevear seperation anxiety. Loki graduated from S.O.O Save and Train program and was adopted 01/20/2022 by a wonderful family. Loki now spends his days  running through the yard with the two children, helping with homework, and cuddleing on the couch!



Moe was surrendered to Sounds of Obedience because his original woner started a job that required alot of travoe and she was no longer capable of caring for him. Moe graduated from S.O.O Save and Train program and was adopted 05/02/2022 by a wonderful Lady who takes him on all kinds of adventures such boat rides and swiming in the lake. We enjoy reciving update photos of Moe lounging on the boat on a nice summer evening. 

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